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Ultimate Place Experience

Ultimate Experience

Ultimate Place Experience

Each individual has their own preference and criteria in choosing the most suitable cafe for different purposes. Having a right place that matches the requirements and needs, in addition to enjoying an outstanding experience that can not find in both office and home is very few. Having a complete 5-senses experience is a guarantee to a maximum personal satisfaction. At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we deliver a unique personal experience that we call it the dr.CAFE COFFEE Ultimate Place Experience. It is characterized by a well-structured store layout, rich color selection and artistic graphics and unique touch that create a memorable piece of quality experience.

The Ultimate Place Experience has shaped our unique character to be distinctive in the memory and enable our guests to recognize the extraordinary artwork. From the ceiling to the floor and from the blended island to the espresso bar, you will find a line of outstanding creativity and contemporary design with meticulous care.

Our ergonometric, colorful and visually rich, yet relaxed designs provide a "home-away-from-home" feeling.

We create a well-balanced, neat, and professionally maintained atmosphere using high standards of specification as well durable components and superb shop fittings.

Our aim is to provide the privilege to our guests to feel the elegant lifestyle, see and touch the comfortable luxury, stimulate the natural inspiration and gain unforgettable moments while sharing the passion of coffee, joy and dreams

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