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Our Philosophy and Values

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Philosophy & Values

Our Philosophy and Values

Lead the coffee and cafe industry by discovering the new, reinventing the old, while preserving the coffee culture and its traditions, guaranteeing our guests around the globe the ultimate coffee experience by upholding our commitment to maintain the very highest standards in quality, service, cleanliness and trustworthy business practices.

Our Goals

determined to offer the highest quality Arabica coffee beans, by monitoring every stage of its processing to its eventual offer to our Guests.

resolute in our commitment to uphold strict quality assurance controls and conditions to all our products before offering them to our Guests.

Create an Ultimate Place landmark, more comfortable than home and more respectable than the office, for our Team Members and Guests.

Adding great value to peoples' lives in each community we are based in by supporting and developing social and environmental programs.

Facilitate our well researched techniques to continually develop the efficiency of our facilities and productivity of our Team Members.

Ensuring reasonable profitability to be able to support our mission, to expand our experience to our Guests everywhere around the globe.

Our Values

We live by the rule Excellence in Everything We Do. This is our way.

We make sure We Know What to Do, and then Do What We Know in the best way possible every time, everywhere.

We believe in Respect for Everyone, Honesty in Everything We Do, and Professionalism in Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions.

We love our Guests, our Products, our Work, and our Lives as Members of the Team. This love is evidenced by our "Service with a Smile".

We use Triple H which integrates the combined unique powers of our "Head, Heart, and Hand" as responsible and caring people in everything we do for our Guests, our Team Members, our Company, and the Community.

We make every day a great day for everyone by sharing our coffee knowledge and experience with each other and with our Guests.