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dr.CAFE COFFEE is a leading coffee company that provides unmatched standard of quality Products, knowledgeable friendly Services and outstanding Ultimate Place Experience in order to suit each individual guest’s lifestyle and to make a personal experience memorable At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we are always excited to share with anyone the great story of our people, achievements, and the best cup of coffee.

Whenever we open our book of life, the scenes of memories are still clear in our mind. It seems like yesterday. The passion of coffee, determination to excel, and values we live by have been embedded in our heart since the beginning….and it will always stay there.

For us it has been a challenging adventure, almost beyond description, cultivate the spirit of a legendary coffee tradition, reinvent the masterpiece, personalize the original idea, foster the commitment to excel, and blend it with our philosophy and core values…to deliver the best coffee in the world experience.

Our coffee business is only the visible reflection of the real coffee mystique and charm. The awesome majesty of coffee world has meticulously explored with the pure belief and integrity of our founder since the beginning. The moment has arrived to reveal our true passion of coffee and shape our destiny together.

We are executing the Global Expansion Plan to reach coffee lovers worldwide and above all that we are proud to share the experience and real journey from the land of coffee with dr.CAFE COFFEE WAY.