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Learning & Development

One of distinctive advantage of working at dr.CAFE COFFEE is that we provide a wide opportunity for everyone to learn and develop themselves.

We always strive to enhance our Foundation Fundamentals – People, System, and Knowledge – and integrate it into our organizational life.

We believe that learning is an enduring process that enables our people to strengthen their capacity and inspire them to share their excellent skills, knowledge and passion of the coffee to our guests around the world.

To face the challenge of fast-paced environment, we know that continuous learning and development will keep our people take charge of their personal responsibilities.

Our learning and development activities target to continuously improve our Team Members knowledge, harness their skills and elevate their performance to the higher levels.

The dr.CAFE COFFEE serves as a center of knowledge and information as well as a house of excellence for leading the coffee & café industry.

Therefore, we are proud and passionate about our dr.CAFE COFFEE . It brings everyone closer to each other, to communicate in a dynamic environment, and to cultivate the coffee experience fervently.