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Million cups of coffee are brewed every day around the world, from rural area to cosmopolitan cities. There are so many methods, mix of ingredients, flavors, equipment and tools to prepare a cup of coffee.

However, regardless of where and the preferred way of serving a cup of coffee across the continents, still the basic rules of storing coffee are applicable all the time in order to get the full benefit of coffee.


    - Keep in an airtight container away from
    • Air
    • Light
    • Heat
    • Moisture
    - Coffee stays fresh as beans for at least 14 days
    - Coffee beans ground, stays fresh for 48 hours

    - Grind coffee to the specific grind according to the type of brewing

    - Coffee proportion is two table spoons (10 grams) to 6 ounces(180 ml) water

    - Use only fresh pure filtered water for brewing (coffee is 98% water)
    - Water that passes through the coffee when brewed Should be within boiling point 200ºF
How should whole bean coffee be ground?

The shorter the brewing process, the finer the grind. Different brewing methods have different grind requirements, so grind your coffee for the brewing method you use. The amount of time the coffee and water spend together affects the flavor elements that end up in your cup of coffee, and the design of your coffee maker dictates how long the coffee and water sit in direct contact during the brewing process. Here is a comparison guide for different grinds:

Coffee ground for an espresso machine should be very fine, in part because the brew cycle is only 19 to 22 seconds long. But for a coffee press, the coffee should be coarse ground, because the water and coffee are in direct contact for about four minutes.

How much coffee do I use?

This is the most important question when making a cup of coffee. For the most flavorful cup, we recommend two tablespoons of ground coffee for each six fluid ounces of water. If coffee brewed this way is too strong for your taste, you can add a little hot water to your cup of brewed coffee, rather than using less and coming out with a weak tasting brew: REMEMBER – Coffee cannot be double brewed, it will release the unwanted bitterness and high caffeine content that can cause migraine.