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Art of Espresso

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Secrets of Great Espresso

Espresso means "made at the spur of the moment". It is an adjective applied to food and drinks that are made at the moment of asking, and in Italy it is chiefly used to describe coffee, so that it has become a noun.

The inimitable Italian phrase poco ma buono means "small but good". At dr.CAFE COFFEE, we believe that the poco ma buono that we serve is a remarkable and controlled shot of espresso that is difficult to match. Our skilled and experienced baristas ensure that every shot of espresso served is a perfect shot. It has a caramelly and nutty taste, a sweet and intense flavor, with a hint of acidity that is noticeable to your taste buds.

Master of the Art

The baristas are considered to be the real masters of masking an espresso. While making barely 1 to 1 ½ fluid ounce of espresso, with their well trained expertise, they observe many critical variables and characteristics:

1. Grind
The right grind should be extra fine having the texture of fine grain white sugar. The grind should neither be too coarse (big particles) nor too fine (powdery) to extract the proper flavors of the coffee.

2. Dose
Depending on the type of espresso machine used, the right dose is between 7-10 grams (1 ½ to 2 level tablespoons) of ground coffee in the portafilter with some space to allow the grounds to expand when they are in contact with the hot water.

3. Tamp
This refers to the amount of pressure we apply to the ground of espresso when we pack coffee according to the dose in the portafilter. This is approximately 30 pounds of pressure. Too little or too much tamping to the ground coffee could lead to an over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short time brewing) of the flavors. If the water is flowing through the portafilter too quickly, it means that the coffee is under extracted. If water flows too slowly, in means the coffee is over extracted.

4. Water Temperature
Water also could lead to an over-extraction (over brewing) or under-extraction (too short time brewing) of the espresso shot. Water temperature must be raised to over 212ºF/100ºC, and will be delivered within the range of 198ºF – 201°F / 92ºC – 94ºC. It takes power to generate such heat, and precise control to balance it.

5. Rate-of-Pour
The "rate-of-pour" means the ideal length of time for your espresso shot to be completed as determined by the rate of water flow through your portafilter. Ideally, a single shot of espresso should yield 1oz (fluid ounce)/30ml of a concentrated shot of espresso within 17-23 seconds. Your espresso shot yield should look like honey dripping from a spoon with crema and foam pouring out from your portafilter spout, thereby achieving a remarkable three layers of colors known to espresso lovers as the heart, body & crema.