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Coffee Culture: The Coffee Ritual

Ritual often chooses for its means of consciousness-altering substances such as coffee. People may assume a bit of magical sensation resides in these substances that make up a cup of coffee, because through using them, people are separated for a moment from the ordinary things and can seize their passions more clearly. This is why a coffee ritual is not only a gesture of hospitality and comfort, but a celebration of an everyday break, a moment when the human drive for existence lights up people who are simply together.

This last aspect of the fundamental meaning of the coffee break, the coffee klatch, the happy hour, and the after-dinner coffee. These are secular rituals that, in modest but essential ways, help maintain the human nature in ourselves and our connection with one another.

In many cultures, the ritual aspects of coffee are given a special status. The most famous of such rituals is the offering of the cup of coffee as a torch of pure hospitality.


The secret behind dr.CAFE COFFEE'S exceptional coffee taste is the care that goes into bringing the favorite coffee selections.

Our professionals have exclusive arrangements with several coffee plantations around the world guaranteeing the best crops available year to year. Once picked and delivered, our professionals carefully sort the beans to further ensure perfect compatibility of selected beans and the coffee we serve. We then roast different beans specifically to bring different coffees to enjoy. This is the reason for the unique taste in our signature coffees. So go ahead and enjoy your favorite coffee, whether for Drip, Espresso, or Cappuccino.

dr.CAFE COFFEE Culture: Worldwide Tradition

The tradition of the coffeehouse has spread worldwide. The world is now paved with Italian-style cafés and has evolved to an elegant interpretation of an array of coffee shops and coffeehouses. Other parts of Europe and the Middle East have their own ongoing "reinventing the old'' traditions. In Vienna, the home of the first European coffeehouses, the café tradition has undergone a renaissance.

The new urban café, together with the open seating, the simple and straightforward furnishing, and an atmosphere formal enough to discourage customers from swaggering around and putting their feet on chairs, yet informal enough to mix students doing homework and executives having business meetings. With an espresso machine and some dynamic lights, and the latest version of the ultimate café's are defined.

dr.CAFE COFFEE has set the patient but fast pace in making sure all considerations to satisfy the five senses are taken into consideration when opening a new store store every time.